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After a few years of collecting video arcade games, I decided it was time to make the game room look more like a "real arcade" from the 80's. I recall a number of the arcades I frequented having promotional game posters, neon lights, etc. This is what started my collection of arcade game posters and the following shows the posters currently in the arcade. My collection is small compared to the actual number of posters made, so additional pictures are shown below.

I have focused on collecting posters from the 70's and 80's, but do have a few from the 90's. Also, shown below are other posters for games from those eras. Perhaps in time I will add more posters from the 90's and belond.

I would like to add more game posters to the arcade, so please e-mail if you have any, or pictures of any posters not shown on this page (70's and 80's).

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[Asteroids Deluxe poster]
Asteroids Deluxe (Atari 1980, 36x24)

[BattleZone poster]
BattleZone (Atari 1980, 22x28)

[Baby Pac-Man poster]
Baby Pac-Man (Bally/Midway 1982, 18x20)

[Bump-N Jump poster]
Bump-N Jump (Bally/Midway 1982, 25x19)

[BurgerTime poster]
BurgerTime (Bally/Midway 1982, 24x18)

[Centipede poster]
Centipede (Atari 1980, 24x36)

[Cliff Hanger poster]
Cliff Hanger (Stern 1983, 19x25)

[Dragon's Lair poster]
Dragon's Lair (Cinematronics 1983, 27x41)

[Dig Dug poster]
Dig Dug (Atari 1982, 24x36)

[Games of Fame poster]
Games of Fame (Bally/Midway 1982, 23x29)

[Dynamite/Scholastic game poster]
Generic Games (Dynamite/Scholastic 198?, 15.5x20.75)

[Journey poster]
Journey (Bally/Midway 1983, 19x25)

[Joust poster]
Joust (Williams 1982, 23.5x31.5)

[Kangaroo poster]
Kangaroo (Atari 1982, 24x36)

[Krull poster]
Krull (Gottlieb 1983, 19x27)

[Medieval Madness poster]
Medieval Madness (Williams 1997, 24x33)

[Millipede poster]
Millipede (Atari 1982, 24x36)

[Missile Command poster]
Missile Command (Atari 1980, 24x32.5)

[Pac-Man poster - Version 1]
Pac-Man (black velvet) (Bally/Midway, 1980, 21.5x32)

[Pac-Man poster - Version 2]
Pac-Man (alternate 1) (Bally/Midway, 1980, 24x18)

[Pengo poster]
Pengo (Sega 1982, 23x33)

[Revenge From Mars poster]
Revenge From Mars (Williams 1999, 48x16)

[Space Ace poster]
Space Ace (Cinematronics 1984, 27x41)

[Spy Hunter poster]
Spy Hunter (Bally/Midway 1983, 22x17)

[Star Trek poster]
Star Trek (Sega 1983, 23x35)

[Star Wars poster]
Star Wars (Atari 1983, 20x30)

[Star Wars Episode I poster]
Star Wars Episode I (Williams 1999, 34x22)

[Time Pilot '84 poster]
Time Pilot '84 (Konami 1984, 23.5x33)

[Tron poster - version 1]
Tron (version 1) (Bally/Midway 1982, 28x36)

[Tron poster - version 2]
Tron (version 2) (Disney & Bally/Midway 1982, 27x41)
Note: See the 'See the movie. Play the game.' on the bottom.

[Tron poster - version 3]
Tron (version 3) (Bally/Midway 1982, 13x27)

[Tron poster - version 4]
Tron (version 4) (Intel & Bally/Midway 1982, 23x33.5)

[Turbo Outrun poster]
Turbo Outrun) (Sega 1986, 40.5x28)


[Alcon poster]
Alcon (Taito 1986, 32.5x23.5)

[Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh poster]
Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh (Taito 1987, 23.5x33)

[Atari 20th Anniversary poster]
Atari 20th Anniversary (Atari ????)

[Atari Advebture poster]
Atari Adventure poster (Atari 1980, 14x18)

[Atari Force poster]
Atari Force - Advertisting for Jan. 84 comic book series (Atari 1984, 22x20)

[Atari mini posters]
Atari Mini posters (Atari 1980)

[Atari World Championship poster]
Atari World Championship (Atari 1981, 17x23)

[Badlands poster]
Badlands (Atari 1989, 17x23)

[Big Event Golf poster]
Big Event Golf (Taito 1986)

[Bionic Commandos poster]
Bionic Commandos (Capcom 1987)

[Black Tiger poster]
Black Tiger (Romstar/Capcom 1987)

[Bloxeed poster]
Bloxeed (SEGA 1989)

[Bosconian poster]
Bosconian (Bally Midway/Namco 1981)

[Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom poster]
Buck Rogers - Planet of Zoom (Sega 1982, 15x22)

[Caveman poster]
Caveman (Gottlieb 1981, 18x27)

[Centipede poster - Alternate version]
Centipede - Alternate version (Atari 1980, 24x36)

[Chase HQ poster]
Chase HQ (Taito 1988)

[Championship Bowling poster]
Championship Bowling (Romstar 1989)

[Congo Bongo poster]
Congo Bongo (Sega 1983)

[Crystal Castles poster]
Crystal Castles (Atari 1983)

[Dark Adventure poster]
Dark Adventures (Konami 1987, 24x27.5)

[Darius poster]
Darius (Taito 1986)

[Death Race poster]
Death Race (Exidy 1976, 23x35)

[Defender poster]
Defender (Williams 1980, 14x18)

[Double Dragon 3 poster]
Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone (Technos 1990, 24x18)

[Dragon's Lair II poster]
Dragon's Lair II (Leland 1991)

[Empire City 1931 poster]
Empire City 1931 (Taito/Romstar 1986)

[Fantasy poster]
Fantasy (Rock-Ola 1981)

[Firefox poster]
Firefox (Atari 1984, 22.75x34)

[Frogs poster]
Frogs (Gremlin 1978)

[Gauntlet poster]
Gauntlet (Tengen/Atari 1985)

[Gauntlet II poster]
Gauntlet II (Atari 1985)

[Gladiator poster]
Gladiator (Taito 1986)

[Goal To Go poster]
Goal To Go (Stern 1983)

[Gradius poster]
Gradius (Konami 1985, 28.6x40.5)

[Gravitar poster]
Gravitar (Atari 1982, 24x36)

[Gunsmoke poster]
Gunsmoke (Romstar/Capcom 1985, 18x24)

[I, Robot poster]
I, Robot (Atari 1983)

[Interstellar poster]
Interstellar (Funai 1983)

[Jail Break poster]
Jail Break (Konami 1986)
Note: There are multiple versions of this poster, including one in English.

[KLAX poster]
KLAX (Atari 1989, 22.5x17)

[Liberator poster]
Liberator (Atari 1982)

[Operation Thunder Bolt poster]
Operation Thunder Bolt (Taito 1988)

[Outrun poster]
Outrun (SEGA 1986)

[M.A.C.H. 3 poster]
M.A.C.H. 3 (Mylstar 1983, 23x35)

[Mad Alien poster]
Mad Aliens (Data East/DECO) 1980, 28.75x40.5)

[Mad Planets poster]
Mad Planets (Gottlieg 1983, 22x28)

[Major Havoc poster]
Major Havoc (Atari 1983)

[Mechanized Attack poster]
Mechanized Attack (SNK 1989)

[Mr. Do's Castle poster]
Mr. Do's Castle (Universal 1981)

[Ms. Pac-Man poster]
Ms. Pac-Man (Bally/Midway 1981, 70x46)

[NFL Football poster]
NFL Football (Bally/Midway 1983)

[Night Driver poster]
Night Driver (Atari 1976, 29x50)

[Nintendo - The Most Exciting Name In Video Games poster]
Nintendo - The Most Exciting Name In Video Games (Nintendo)

[Quarterback poster]
Quaterback (Leland 1987)

[Pac-Man poster - Version 1]
Pac-Man (Bally/Midway, 1980, 21.5x32)
Note: The artwork is the same as the black velvet version shown above.

[Pac-Man poster - Version 3]
Pac-Man (alternate 2) (Hallmark & Bally/Midway, 1982, 14x19.5)

[Pac-Man poster - Version 4]
Pac-Man (alternate 3) (Unknown, 198?, 24x18)

[Panther poster]
Panther (IREM 1981)

[Pepper II poster]
Pepper II (Exidy 1982, 18x24)

[Plotting poster]
Plotting (Taito 1982, 29x23)

[Pole Position poster]
Pole Position (Atari 1983)

[Pole Position II poster]
Pole Position II (Atari 1984, 35.25x23.5)

[Red Baron poster]
Red Baron (Atari 1980)

[Renegade poster]
Renegade (Taito 1986)

[Road Fighter poster]
Road Fighter (Konami 1984)

[R-Type poster]
R-Type (Nintendo 1987, 22x29.5)

[Satan's Hollow poster]
Satan's Hollow (Bally/Midway 1982)

[Sky Shark poster]
Sky Shark (Romstar 1987, 18x24)
Note: There is another version with brighter colors and a red border.

[Sky Soldiers poster]
Sky Soliders (SNK/Romstar 1988)

[Skydiver poster]
Skydiver (Atari 1978, 32x29)

[Snake Pit poster]
Snake Pit (Sente Technologies 1984)

[Space Duel poster]
Space Duel (Atari 1982)

[Sprint 2 poster]
Sprint 2 (Kee Games 1976)

[Starcade poster]
Starcade (Starcade 1981)

[Subroc 3D poster]
Subroc 3D (Sega 1982, 23x35)

[Super Don Quixote poster]
Super Don Quixote (Universal 1984)

[Tempest poster]
Tempest (Atari 1980)

[Thayer's Quest poster]
Thayer's Quest (RDI Video Systems 1984)

[The Combatribes poster]
The Combatribes (Technos 1987)

[The Three Stooges poster]
The Three Stooges (Mylstar 1984)

[Tiger Road poster]
Tiger Road (Capcom/Romstar 1987)

[Time Gal poster]
Time Gal (Taito 1985)

[Time Soldiers poster]
Time Soldiers (Romstar 1985, 19x25)

[Track & Field poster]
Track & Field (Konami/Centuri 1983)

[Turn On a Video Game poster]
Turn On A Video Game (Western Graphics Corporation)

[Twin Cobra poster]
Twin Cobra (Toaplan/Romstar 1987, 25.5x19.4)

[Two Tigers poster]
Two Tigers (Bally/Midway 1984, 17x22)

[TX-1 poster]
TX-1 (Atari 1984, 23x33.5)

[Vindicators poster]
Vindicators (Tengen/Atari 1988)

[Video Game Olympics poster]
Video Game Olympics (Vidiot/Bally 1983)

[UniWar S poster]
UniWar S (IREM 1980)

[Warlords poster]
Warlords (Atari 1980)

[Willow poster]
Willow (Capcom 1989, 18x24)

[XYBOTS poster]
XYBOTS (Tengen/Atari 1987)

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